Treat your plantar fasciitis pain from the comfort of your home. Get instant access to these key exercises that target the 3 plantar fascia layers and speed up your healing process.

Plantar Fasciitis Kit

What’s Included?


Physical Equipment

4 individual fitness and rehab tools to use to target plantar fascia and the myofascial connections between the foot-ankle-knee-hip and core muscles. You can utilize them separately or together as your new full-body training system for home and travel.

  • 1 Core Boot
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Release Balls
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Resistance Workout Bands
  • 1 Beyond Stretch Workout Mini Band

17 Exercise Videos

With over 3 hours of videos, you gain exercises to:

  • Stimulate and activate plantar & Dorsi fascia (they both impact each other)
  • Address 3 bands of plantar fascia vs. just one
  • Effectively connect your toes with deep core muscles  
  • Gently and effectively train fascia and muscles across the entire back and front of your body

Content Calendar

Along with the training videos, you receive a 4-week training calendar.

  • Keep track of your progress with easy to follow guidance
  • 5 days of training a week with 2 rest and recovery days
  • Each session is no more than 20-30 minutes a day


Nutritional Guidance

You will also receive science-based recipes that will support the health of every layer of your body, from your skin down to your bone.

  • Get access to every layer (skin, fascia, muscles, tendons/ligaments, cartilage, and bone) from the Recover Every layer of Your body eBook
  • Top nutrients you should consume and avoid daily for healthy and resilient connective tissues 
  • 7 things to stop doing for better connective tissue health

Small Size 

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Large Size

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