Flexible Body Fluid Swing

Basic Version

Flexible Body Fluid Swing 

This course will help you learn fascia lines and body mapping.  Understand which fascia lines are very important to play pain free with powerful hips and stable structural balance.

Tackling your flexibility game is just as much a skill as hitting the ball, and your coach may not have the right knowledge to provide you with effective routines to take your game to the next level.
Anyone who is looking to take care of their body effectively, and take their game to the next level, this video provides you with the tools you need to build consistent performance.
These videos contain essential secrets on what to pay attention to not only before, but also after your game.

Course Overview

Introduction & Warm Ups

Fascia Lines & Mapping Golf Body

Flexibility Assessment in Golf Phases

Superficial Front & Back Line

Functional Front & Back Line

Spiral Line

Lateral Line

Arm Lines