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ARONIA BERRY: One of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. When paired with red beets and red spinach, it maximizes our heart health, energy and supports the immune system.

Higher in antioxidants than most berries

RED BEETS: Many beet-based products have an added, unnatural/synthetic source of nitrate or nitrite. RESYNC only contains natural nitrates found in red beets.

1 Scoop or RESYNC = 32oz. of Beet Juice

RED SPINACH: Nitrate levels of vegetables vary greatly depending on location, harvesting conditions and the vegetable type.
The red spinach extract used in RESYNC has the highest level of standardization at 9% of nitrates vs red beet powder can naturally have 1.5%-2%. RESYNC delivers consistent quality and quantity of each ingredient.

1.5 Scoops of RESYNC = 6.5oz. of Spinach or Arugula



Increased blood and oxygen flow in the body with natural ingredients.


Scientifically formulated yet natural blends based on ingredients that matter to your health.


Feeling well rested by the end of the day is essential for your physical and emotional balance.


Take control of your health with natural supplements to stay active and feel energized.


Keep your heart healthy regardless of your age with a clean nitric oxide & antioxidant blend.


Our passion fruit flavor masks any bitterness and beet taste so you can enjoy every sip of RESYNC.

proven through science

We are extremely excited that a third-party study performed by IUPUI has confirmed the quality of our products.

A pioneering, independent study done by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis shows the inconsistency in nitrate content of different beet-related products. The University tested powders, mixed beverages, concentrates, and bulk juices. During those tests, there was an obvious difference in the nitrate content between the 24 tested products.

“I’m grateful for having the opportunity to prove that Resync stands out amongst so many already well-known brands which fell short when compared to Resync. This data only confirms the quality of Resync brand”


– Barbara Depta Resync’s CEO

Human Clinical Studies

First Human Study On Resync Recovery And Resync Collagen 

As some of the most high quality nitric oxide boosting supplements on the market, Resync Recovery and Resync Collagen have a tribal following, and now there’s data (link to study here) to shed some light on the potency of our patent-pending blends.

Resync Recovery is a mix of three nitrate and polyphenol sources, anti-inflammatory components like ginger and turmeric and other key recovery nutrients, and Resync Collagen is the heart, joint and connective tissue powerhouse developed by elite high performance and structural balance coach Barbara Depta.

We set standards high with our quality-certified, natural synergistic blends, and with this study we have cleared that bar easily in pursuit of the next frontier in clean supplement science.

“There’s been a great deal of interest in beets because they’re rich sources of nitrate. But the hidden fact that we are coming to appreciate is that actual nitrate content between products varies significantly … the nitrate contents were generally low…falling far short of the amount (310-560mg) suggested by International Olympic Committee as being needed to improve performance”.

-Andrew Coggan | Co-author of No3 Content Study


  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Keto Friendly


Listed in above IUPIU chart
  • Under 300g of No3 Content
  • Contain Sugar
  • Synthetic/Unnatural Nitrates
  • Not Keto Friendly
  • Just Beets
  • No Synergistic Ingredients


We rely on science, quality, and the right quantity of natural ingredients for all RESYNC blends. Whether or not you are an athlete who wants to recover faster, with no muscle soreness and joint pain, or you’re just looking for a clean boost of energy, Resync is here to assist.

Professionals Who Use RESYNC

“I use this product called Resync. It’s essentially a recovery powder. I find that my sleep numbers are way better when I’m using it.”

– Sue Bird| WNBA Player

“… I dont think I’ve ever had a supplement all natural & good like this where I can just wake up and feel like a brand new person.”

– Tony Jefferson | NFL Baltimore Ravens

“Resync works better than beet powder to deliver nitric oxide & improve recovery from training faster!”

– Chris Frederick | Stretch to Win Co-Director

“I love Resync (I drink it daily) and what itdoes for my players. I am a stickler for picking vitamins and supplements using critical thinking and science… and this is one I love!”

– Ashley Besecker | Registered Sports Dietitician