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Quick Drills

Prepare Your Feet For Golf

Dorsiflexion Drills To Get You Off Your Toes

(With ball in front)

Purpose: Improve ankle dorsiflexion mobility & stability, calf flexibility & lowr leg myofascial pliability

Plantarflexion Drills To Get You Off Your Heels

(With  ball on the back)

Purpose: Effective posterior chain recruitment; Improve driving force thru heel; First phase to improve heel-toe pattern

Drills With Straps

(Myofascial release ball is in the back & 1 strap is attached to the front/outside of Core Boot)

Purpose: Improve foot-core dynamic stability

Floor/Mat Series 

(2 Core Boots, balls under heels, 2 straps connected to outside/front hooks & mini band looped around arches of feet)

Purpose: Promote spinal mobility & core stability

1. Core Work Simulations

Purpose: Improve hip & core stability

2. Arm Strap Simulations

Purpose: Improve core & upper body strength/stability