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Your New Fitness & Rehab Tool

Tension release, core strength, and balance start with your feet

Core Boot is the perfect solution to help you to live a pain-free life!

Core Boot Additional Benefits

  • Tension release across the entire body
  • Improves ankle mobility & stability to help prevent injury 
  • Improves sensory stimulation and proprioception  
  • Supports healthy gait
  • Increases rotational stability & strength i.e golf swing, tennis, baseball, football, basketball, soccer – any athletic movement
  • Improves posture & spine alignment 
  • Increases your speed and power from the ground up to maximize your performance 
  • Strengthens deep core muscles 
  • Helps prevent and reverse compensations throughout the body 

The myofascial release massage balls can be used cold to immediately address inflammation

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

I actually felt tremendous…I really felt good. I found doing just a few of the exercises my ankles and my calfs were loose.

Otis Birdsong

Retired NBA Player

I have found that the unique design of the Core Boot helped improve soft tissue mobility along with improving foot-ankle flexibility. My patients have reported reduced calf tension and foot pain following the use of the Core Boot. 

Monique Deluca

Board-certified Orthopedic Specialist, John Hopkins Medicine

Take Control Of Your Health & Performance

With Core Boot you can train your entire body anywhere you go. Core Boot individual components are versatile and serve multiple purposes.

Core Boot was created to help multiple foot conditions that prevent people from walking pain-free, gaining balance, flexibility, and strength in different parts of their body. Yet, Core Boot is more than that.

  • Core Boot stimulates your feet’ muscles and fascia to help you properly transfer weight while you walk, run, and exercise. 
  • Core Boot corrects foot-hip-core weaknesses that contribute to higher risks of falling down and injuries, muscle overuse, and joint pain.
  • Core Boot helps you improve proprioception (which is a powerful sensory system that is required for optimal posture and balance) to help you avoid compensations & injuries across your entire body. 

Why Paying Attention To Your Foot-Ankle-Knee-Hip-Core Connection Matters

If your feet are not healthy and fit the rest of the body suffers. If one connection is off, compensations take place. Pain or injury is just a matter of time.

Why Core Boot Is Your Best Choice

Shope Core Boot Kits


Single Core Boot Kit 

  • 1 Core Boot (Small or Large Size)
  • 4 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Resistance Bands
  • Access to 3+ hours of movement coaching videos

SMALL SIZE $139.95

LARGE SIZE $142.95



Double Core Boot Kit

  • 2 Core Boot (Small or Large Size)
  • 4 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Resistance Bands
  • Access to 3+ hours of movement coaching videos
  • Exclusive Bonus! Science-based nutritional guidance & recipe eBook to recover every layer of your body

SMALL SIZE $199.95

LARGE SIZE $202.95


Base Core Boot Kit

  • 1 Core Boot (Small or Large Size)
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls
  • Access to basic online movement drills



Individual Core Boot Components

Beyond Stretch

Myofascial Release Balls



Beyond Stretch Myofascial Massage Balls are perfect for releasing and treating tightness and discomfort across the body.  These were made to use them by themselves or with Core Boot to increase flexibility and stability from the ground up. 


Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls were designed explicitly with 2 different surfaces. One half has bumpy nubs for better contact with the skin and targeting deeper layers of connective tissues within the body.

The other half has a smooth surface for those who are more sensitive and need gentle touch before progressing to the bumpy half. This surface was made for better balance.


One Beyond Stretch Myofascial Ball holds up to 250 lbs and up to 500 lbs combined.


Beyond Stretch

Multi-functional Resistance Bands


Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Bands are versatile and highly effective. Their continuous loop design provides multifunctional benefits with a quick change in your hand or foot position.

With special hooks, they can also be connected to Core Boot for novel and mindful myofascial movements.

These resistance bands can be used for training the lower and upper body, to support the multidimensional strengthening of the entire myofascial system.

  • Made of unique fabric to provide a comfortable grip and smooth movement.
  • Machine washable making them the ideal resistance band for home workouts and travel.


mini resistance band

Beyond Stretch

Mini Resistance Band


The Beyond Stretch Mini Resistance Band is versatile and highly effective. It can be used for full-body stability, mobility, and strength. In combination with the Core Boot, you will gain multi-dimensional strength and endless options of joyful resistance training.

• Made of unique fabric to provide a comfortable training experience.

• Machine washable making it the ideal resistance band for at-home workouts and travel.


ball pump, massage ball pump, Beyond Stretch ball pump

Beyond Stretch

Ball Pump


Beyond Stretch Ball Pump works specifically with the Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls and is sold separately from any Core Boot Kit.

Before we ship every order, each ball is inspected and the Beyond Stretch team adds the recommended amount of air to each ball.

Regardless, the ball may get too flat over time and lose air with continued use.


Therapists & movement experts say

“It is nutrition for our ankle joint.”

“The CoreBoot is a must-have tool for any and all clients. As a personal trainer to everyday fitness clients and elite professional athletes, I can already see massive benefits to the foot and ankle awareness, strength, mobility, and function of all of my clients.”

Dan Palacios, Strength & Conditioning Coach – Kinetic Training

Why Experts Recommend Core Boot

Loved by Sports Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Strength & Movement Coaches!

“The Beyond Stretch Core Boot (BSCB) is an innovative approach to a very familiar problem, weakness in hip and core stabilizers that increase risk of falls, muscle, and joint pain, and impaired mobility. Functional movement and interaction with our environment require proximal limb stabilization. The BSCB incorporates modified levels of destabilization to appropriately challenge and activate key muscle groups within the core and lower limb that are linked to improvements in balance and function. Whether beginning, building or pushing your body to go beyond, the BSCB is a simple solution to help address neuromechanical problems.”

Ken Johnson, PT

Director of Rehabilitation Therapy Services Outreach, Johns Hopkins

“The Beyond Stretch Core Boot is an innovative way to efficiently integrate core control with functional strength training. It is a great proprioceptive warmup that encourages multiplanar movements to facilitate the neuromuscular system and reduce the likelihood of injury. I have seen many athletes who are able to excel in pure strength testing. However, they are unable to deliver the power to the ground due to improper fundamentals. The Core Boot teaches you how to properly transfer the force that you produce from through your heel and foot directly to the ground rather than being diminished by improper fundamentals. I highly recommend this product for all the athletes that I work with.”

Dr. Samuel Bell

Former Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer, Baltimore Raven & Houston Astros

“I have rarely been so inspired by a new fascia-friendly invention! The Beyond Stretch Core Boot’s versatility simulates many movements and loading conditions, which we used to practice as children playing outside, which also our ancestors used when moving through the jungle, and which are so badly lacking in our current sedentary lifestyles. Our research department will be more than happy to examine with state-of-the-art scientific methodology how regular practice of these playful movements influences not only the elasticity and resilience of myofascial tissues in the leg but may also improve the tensional fascial network throughout the whole human body.”

Dr. Robert Schleip

Director of Fascia Research Group, Technical University of Munich, Germany, Research Director of European Rolfing Association