Flexible Body Fluid Swing

Flexibility Training

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Flexible Body Fluid Swing 

What you will get out of this program will be BEYOND your expectations. This is not your typical golf stretching program.

Understand how Fascia, the most sensory-rich tissue, can improve proprioception, body awareness, and your golf game.

You will learn several ways to effectively warm up along the myofascial connections that affect your golf swing from the ground up.

These warm-ups are designed to balance your myofascial lines and help you increase shoulder and hip mobility.

You will quickly understand the different ways to increase rotation and separation between the lower and upper body to add speed to your golf swing.

Feeling the fundamental distinction between sliding your hips and hip rotation will also help you improve your stretching routines & golf game.

Enjoy Flexible Body Fluid Swing & become a healthier version of yourself, on and off the golf course.

Course Overview

Introduction & Warm Ups

Fascia Lines & Flexibility Assessment

Elongation Of Your Body

Hip Rotation vs Pelvis Rotation

Flexibility Routines

Additional Warm Ups

Course Price 

$199 USD