Foundation on Fascia Flow & Core


Dysfunctional movement patterns, bad movement habits, usually happen without us knowing.

When movement is dysfunctional, our kinesthetic sense is out of balance and that’s when our body starts to overcompensate or break down, and injuries are inevitable.

In addition, when our breath is out of sink, or not fully utilized, we limit our form, and therefore function. Bad patterns will create bad posture, and that puts the pressure on fundamental organs and muscles of your body, like the diaphragm.

Combing diaphragmatic breath with effective gentle movements, is essential to restore your body awareness, generate more strength, and balance from the ground up.

This program delivers a significant emphasis on how to truly improve your core strength and mobility with your breath. Start to pay attention to where your body is in space, and how you use your breath to change the way they feel, look, and perform everyday day.

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Price: $59

Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons