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Ironically, the 5-foot 4-inch tall Barbara Depta has a commanding presence and a truly enthusiastic voice that gets people’s attention. She is a very passionate speaker that loves not only helping athletes achieve their most desired goals but also to find more fulfillment in their lives outside of their field.

Barbara truly understands the commitment and clarity that you need to be successful in life.
As an immigrant, who came to this country leaving everything, and everyone, behind, she has the courage, perseverance, and positive energy to guide people in the right direction through their struggles in life.

Her athletic discipline and productivity allow her to communicate with the top professional athletes and assist them to get to the next level.

In her own words: “Between struggle and success there is a small gap called COURAGE that you need in order to do things you always wanted to but never had the CLARITY that it takes to be successful.”

Barbara’s speaking focuses on the importance of having a strong belief in yourself. She teaches that you need to be fearless, and have supreme self-confidence in order to get to the top.
She inspires and empowers top athletes to be a better version of themselves. She believes everyone can train himself to become successful.

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West Palm Beach, FL