Treat & Train Your Body At The Same Time With


  • Release tension in your fascia and muscles.
  • Create myofascial strength & flexibility across your entire body.
  • Change the way you move, feel and perform!

Treat & Train Your Body At The Same Time With 


  • Release tension in your fascia and muscles.
  • Create myofascial strength & flexibility across your entire body.
  • Change the way you move, feel and perform!

Full Body Myofascial Release & Strength

When Your Feet Are Tight Or Weak Your Entire Body Is Affected

Used By Top Sport Medicine Therapists In The U.S

Patent Pending Fitness & Rehab Tool Made In The U.S

Balance, Strength, & Flexibility All In One

The Full Body Core Boot Kit Consists Of 3 Unique Components

Watch the quick video to learn about the unique components of the Core Boot Kit. 

balance, strength & flexibility all in one


2 Core Boots

A patent-pending fitness and rehab tool to help you treat and train your body at the same time.

Core Boot is a convenient training tool to travel with or effectively incorporate in your home workouts.

4 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Release Balls


Beyond Stretch Myofascial Massage Balls are perfect for releasing and treating tightness and discomfort across the body.  These were made with the intention to use them by themselves or with Core Boot to increase pliability and stability from the ground up. 


Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls were designed explicitly with 2 different surfaces. One half has bumpy nubs for better contact with the skin and targeting deeper layers of connective tissues within the body.

The other half has a smooth surface for those who are more sensitive and need gentle touch before progressing to the bumpy half. This surface was made for better balance.


One Beyond Stretch Myofascial Ball holds up to 250 lbs and up to 500 lbs combined.

2 Multifunctional Resistance Bands

Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Bands are versatile and highly effective. Their continuous loop design provides multifunctional benefits with a quick change in your hand or foot position.

With special hooks, they can also be connected to Core Boot for a novel and mindful myofascial movements.

These resistance bands can be used for training the lower and upper body, to support the multidimensional strengthening of the entire myofascial system.

  • Made of unique fabric to provide a comfortable grip and smooth movement.
  • Machine washable making them the ideal resistance band for home workouts and travel.
1 Mini Resistance Band

The Beyond Stretch Mini Resistance Band is versatile and highly effective. It can be used for full-body stability, mobility, and strength. In combination with the Core Boot, you will gain multi-dimensional strength and endless options of joyful resistance training.

• Made of unique fabric to provide a comfortable training experience.

• Machine washable making it the ideal resistance band for at-home workouts and travel.

Access to 38 Training Videos

3 Movement Phases – create healthy movement patterns from the ground up and gain a structurally balanced and pain-free body

Base Phase – Release tension, hydrate your tissues, and activate your fascia & muscles across your entire body with Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls.

Building Phase  – Increase your ankle and hip mobility/stability dynamically; enhance balance and proprioception; strengthen and stretch your entire body, starting with your lower leg muscles using Core Boot and Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls.

Beyond Phase – Strengthen your abdominal muscles starting with your feet to gain dynamic core stability (your deep core muscles start at your feet). Lengthen and stabilize your myofascial system from the ground up. You will maximize your results  with the Full Body Core Boot System.

Beyond Stretch Mini Band
Beyond Stretch Multi Functional Resistance Band
Myofascial Release Balls
core-boot Beyond Stretch Mini Band Beyond Stretch Multi Functional Resistance Band Myofascial Release Balls

Why Use Core Boot?

Did you know, tightness or weakness in the foot will impact the hip?

Excess Pronation

  • Causes the foot to roll toward the inside and your arch tends to flatten out.

  • If you over pronate, you may develop pain in your: arch, heel, ankle, shin, knee, hip, back.

  • Generates tightness in the outside of your ankle all the way up to your lateral core muscles, and may be caused due to weaknesses in the deep core line muscles. 

Excess Supination

  • Causes stress on the outer side of your foot when you walk or run.
  • Causes excess strain on your ankles and It may lead to shin splints, calluses on the outer side of your foot, and pain in your heels and balls of your feet.
  • Generates tightness in the inside of your arches all the way up to your deep core muscles.
illustration of how walking on the toes affects the superficial back line and the entire back of the body

When You Are Constantly On Your Toes…

  • The entire back of the body gets tight.
  • You are more prone to tight plantar fascia which affects the rest of the body.
  • It causes Achilles issues, lower back pain, even headaches.



Form Follows Function & It Starts With Your Feet

Create healthy movement patterns from the ground up. Keep your spine healthy so you can move and feel well!

connection between the spine and your feet

Ways To Use A Core Boot Kit

Myofascial Release Balls
Multifunctional Resistance Bands

Core Boot Helps To Create Freedom

Of Movement From The Ground Up

When we feel grounded and balanced, nothing can throw us off in life.

Movement with Core Boot creates healthy synergy of muscles and fascia.

Increase dynamic stability, adaptable strength, and functional length to create a structurally balanced body.

Position your body into improved postural alignment to generate, not waste energy.

Enhance proprioception and kinesthetic awareness to prevent injuries.


Loved by Sports Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Strength & Movement Coaches!

“The Beyond Stretch Core Boot is an innovative way to efficiently integrate core control with functional strength training. It is a great proprioceptive warmup that encourages multiplanar movements to facilitate the neuromuscular system and reduce the likelihood of injury. I have seen many athletes who are able to excel in pure strength testing. However, they are unable to deliver the power to the ground due to improper fundamentals. The Core Boot teaches you how to properly transfer the force that you produce from through your heel and foot directly to the ground rather than being diminished by improper fundamentals. I highly recommend this product for all the athletes that I work with.”

Dr. Samuel Bell

Former Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer, Baltimore Raven & Houston Astros

“The Beyond Stretch Core Boot (BSCB) is an innovative approach to a very familiar problem, weakness in hip and core stabilizers that increase risk of falls, muscle, and joint pain, and impaired mobility. Functional movement and interaction with our environment require proximal limb stabilization. The BSCB incorporates modified levels of destabilization to appropriately challenge and activate key muscle groups within the core and lower limb that are linked to improvements in balance and function. Whether beginning, building, or pushing your body to go beyond, the BSCB is a simple solution to help address neuromechanical problems.”

Ken Johnson, PT

Director of Rehabilitation Therapy Services Outreach, Johns Hopkins

“The CoreBoot is a must-have tool/modality for any and all clients or humans. As a personal trainer to everyday fitness clients and elite professional athletes, I can already see massive benefits to the foot and ankle awareness, strength, mobility, and function of all of my clients. I also personally used to deal with my own plantar fasciitis issues so I’m amply aware of my feet and can already tell with just a few uses of the CoreBoot that the feedback my feet are receiving is resulting in fantastic sensations. Restoring natural function of the foot and ankle for holistic health throughout the entire kinetic chain is critical and the CoreBoot will become my go-to foot and ankle training morality by which to achieve that purpose quickly and efficiently with all of my clients!”

Dan Palacios

Strength & Conditioning Coach & Integrated Movement Specialist, Kinetic Training

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Give yourself permission to feel great everyday

Basic Core Boot Kit


Special Introductory Offer
Valid Until 02/28/2021

  • 1 Core Boot (Small or Large)
  • 4 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Resistance Bands
  • Access to 38 Core Boot Training Videos 

Full Body Core Boot Kit


Special Introductory Offer
Valid Until 02/28/2021

  • 2 Core Boot (Small or Large)
  • 4 Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls
  • 2 Beyond Stretch Multifunctional Resistance Bands
  • 1 Beyond Stretch Mini Resistance Band 
  • Access to 38 Core Boot Training Videos
  • Exclusive Bonus! Science-based nutritional guidance & recipe eBook to recover eery layer of your body 

 Access To Exclusive

Online Training

With the purchase of CORE BOOT, you will gain access to online videos to maximize your results.

Train your muscles and fascia intentionally, gently, and effectively.

base phase

Get immediate tension release and hydrate connective tissues in your feet. Go step-by-step through science-based exercises with Beyond Stretch Myofascial Balls and release tension across your entire body. Gain a healthy foundation as you progress to the next phase. 

building phase

Increase proprioception, kinesthetic awareness and improve dorsi and plantar flexion. Activate the fascia and muscles in your feet to gain better stability in your lower leg. Enhance hydration and contact with your heels to generate better balance, strength, speed, and power.

 beyond phase

Gain multidimensional strength and functional mobility across your entire body. Take your body to the next level with unique dynamic movement from the ground up. 

Core Boot Helps Gain Effective & Deep Changes In The Body 


Enhance Fascia Health To Keep The Body Flexible & Strong


Restore Tissue Hydration To Increase Range Of Motion


Avoid Ankle Sprains


Address Plantar Fasciitis


Address Heel Pain & Achilles Tendong Challenges


Get Rid Of Shin Splints


Enhance Plantar Flexion & Gain Deep Core Strength


Improve Dorsiflexion To Gain Strong Glutes & A Stable Body


Improve Balance & Correct Walking Patterns


Gain A Healthy Running Stride


Get Lower Back Pain Relief


Creative Effective Butt Workouts


Gain Multidimensional Strength


Strengthen Deep Core Muscles

Did You Know?

If your feet are weak or you have limited ankle mobility, most likely, there are gaps in your strength across your entire body?

Stiffer leg and foot mean less muscle mass, less circulation, and an increase in the risk of tripping?

If the fascia around your lower leg is tight, you are most likely to face injuries in your knee, hip, back, shoulder, or neck?

1 in 2 adults suffers from musculoskeletal pain each year?

There are at least 5 different myofascial connections starting at your feet  that are responsible to keep you stable, strong and flexible?

When you interrupt feet anatomy, you interrupt how the rest of the body looks, feels, and moves? 

In movement, most body restrictions do not come from muscles but connective tissues like fascia?

Orthotics can provide temporary relief, but you almost put your feet and muscles in the lower leg to kinesthetic amnesia?

Fascia plays an essential role in your physical & emotional well-being?

Recent studies identified that the prevalence of strain injury in sports is usually not the rapture of muscles (12.7%), or vascular breaking or bone-breaking; it’s typically collagenous connective tissue injury 68.4%

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Components & Accessories

Myofascial Release Balls

Beyond Stretch MyoFascial Release Balls

Beyond Stretch Multi-function Resistance Band

Mini Resistance Band

Beyond Stretch Mini Resistance Band

Beyond Stretch Ball Pump