Back Pain Freedom

Free Yourself From Back Pain

Just as I have coached professional athletes, especially golfers and football players, I can coach you. You can have the same freedom from pain that I have delivered to high-profile athletes. Your body operates the same way, just maybe slower and less powerfully these days.

Not all superstars are professional athletes… The world is filled with superstars! You are one of them. I want to help EVERYONE. And you can be free from back pain—on the golf course and everywhere else in life.

My movement system—developed from extensive personal training, university education, and years of intense, exciting research, has delivered great results for those who’s used it.

You can play with a fundamental strength, great range of motion, clarity of mind, and profound joy.

Back Pain – The Challenge

You LOVE playing golf, and the odds are that your dealing with a back pain right now.

You may have felt better for a while, but relief was only temporary. Some treatments may even have made it worse causing more pain and inflammation.

The bottom line is that your back still hurts.

It affects your game and you might be afraid the pain will eventually stop you from playing at all.





Physical Therapy


Maybe Even Surgery

New System that Works!

What to Expect…

While developing my business, I dug deep into research. No treatment I found actually addressed the root causes of back pain. I decided to create my own movement method. It works naturally, in harmony with the human body, leaving the entire system completely balanced.

Most programs address only one muscle at a time. My program focuses on the entire superficial and deep fascial lines to keep your body balanced from the ground up.

Warm up exercises you can perform standing up at the golf course, at home, in the gym, or in the comfort of your own home.

Back pain stretches, dynamic stretching and series of movements that provides back pain relief.

Grasp how breath controls muscle activation and how it works in harmony with the fascia system to allow smooth and pain free movement.


"I believe Barbara's programs can help golfers of any age and any skill level..."

Will Coleman – Professional Golfer

"Barbara Depta has the right answer for back pain. Because of her constant search for a better workout, I have a much better quality of life."

Risa Stecko – Client

"I was dealing with a lot of pain...The program & exercise I've done with Barbara hit the mark on keeping me fit and active and being able to be on the course and working out every day at my age."

Nick DeRosa – Client

"I found her videos and some of the stretches she does allowed me the ability to be able to play golf again...My life is a lot better because of it!"

Eric Gioia – Client

“I recommend this program to anyone who suffers from back pain and wants to have better core strength & just wants to overall feel better because that’s certainly what its done for me!”

Jeb Buchanan – Professional Golfer

“Long travel and hotels left me with back pain, tight hips and limited mobility. I started following her plan and I immediately saw the results. My hip mobility increased my core strength increased and my back pain went away.”

Matt Dubrowski – Ex Professional Golfer