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Meet Barbara Depta

As a fascia stretch & structural balance coach, over the last 12 years, she has helped NFL, PGA, LPGA, NHL, MLB, and UFC athletes to perform and recover effectively. This experience has taught her that performing your best requires the integrated, sustained, and heightened function of every system in your body. And physical talent alone can vanish quickly when and if you ignore your recovery protocol.

Barbara believes that you leave a gap between where you are and where you could be when you don't give recovery enough attention. And closing this "recovery gap" from exhausting athletic events and pain has become her life's passion and work.

She believes that "An Under Recovered Body Becomes An Injured Body™," and that applies to all of us, not just top athletes.

She created Resync products in 2017 while primarily devoting her time to assisting the Baltimore Ravens. Her research work, traveling worldwide to learn from scientists and other health professionals, paid off as Resync has become the most popular plant-based nitric oxide recovery blend used in professional leagues. The Resync products have been clinically tested in the USA, Canada, and UK labs, are endorsed by many top-performing athletes and professional teams and are certified by the industry standard for quality and consistency: NSF Certified For Sport. And if this is the standard that professional athletes demand, she does not want you to settle for anything less.

The goal was to create a product not only for professional athletes but for anyone who wants clean plant-based energy and better recovery— products to help people perform at their best, refuel their bodies, and support every layer of their connective tissue health.

The last part was very critical to Barbara - she understands the importance connective tissues have in our health and structural balance, not just athletic performance.

She went to the cutting edge to find the best ways to support circulation and your body's recovery naturally, and now in 2021, she is doing the same for your structural balance.

Since balance, strength, and flexibility start with your feet, she went to the drawing board to develop a fitness and rehab tool for functional, full-body training focused on that critical point. This patented tool, the Core Boot, can release tension in the feet, stimulate fascia with muscles, and support strength, mobility, and stability from the ground up.

Barbara wants to help you see that you, too, can have a healthy, confident, and structurally balanced body, regardless of your background, gender, race, fitness level, and age.

Her passion and knowledge are visible in anything she does, and she is here to help you close the gap between tired and ready to go.



Baltimore Ravens Bodies Recover With Barbara Depta

As the Ravens prepare for their final regular-season game, their bodies are tired and sore.

This is especially the time of year that Barbara Depta can pay dividends.

Depta is a flexibility and mobility coach, certified nutrition specialist, and strength coach. What she really specializes in is fascia stretching, which heals tissues and speeds up rehabilitation.

She has been working with the Ravens since training camp and will have the task of rejuvenating the Ravens' bodies and minds before they face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday with the playoffs on the line.

"The fascia system reacts to all stress – physical, mental, and emotional," Depta said. "It gets tighter if it is not treated, and a player's overall functionality deteriorates. It is essential for physical and mental recovery."


Elvis Dumervil

Elvis Dumervil

Darian Stewart

Darian Stewart

With what she does, I feel like I recover a lot faster. She gets me prepared to play every week. I haven’t had any issues at all. She does well making sure my muscles are firing. She’s one reason I’m healthy for sure.

Steven Kringold

Steven Kringold

I have had the pleasure of meeting many knowledgeable and talented athletic trainers and physicians. I recommend her highly. She worked wonders on my sciatica, when meds and physical therapy just fell short.

Kamar Aiken

Kamar Aiken

My name is Kamar Aiken a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. “Barbs” who you may know as Barbara with Beyond Stretch has been nothing but the best for me and my career. Barbara truly wants the best for you and your body.