Barbara’s Mission

As a passionate coach, working with professional athletes gave me experience that helped me further investigate and understand how different training techniques and nutritional intakes impact muscles and fascia.

Life is movement. Movement is a synergy of muscles and fascia. My mission is to share science-based nutritional knowledge and provide high-quality practices to help create freedom in movement and enhance your quality of life so you can feel and perform your best.


  Patented Fitness & Rehab Tool

Core Boot is an innovative all-in-one fitness & rehab tool considered by sports medicine doctors as “nutrition for the ankle joint” – the gateway to your nervous & myofascial system.


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Lower-Leg Stability Performance Optimization Program

This program provides you with key corrective exercises and routines to take control of your body from the ground up. Gain unique, new, and necessary strategies to prevent ankle, knee, hip & back injuries.

Fascial Continuity Latest Insights...

This webinar summerizes key insights from the rapidly growing field of fascia research. Carla Stecco highlights fascial continuity from feet to pelvis and the relationships among the feet, pelvic floor, and back problems.

Plantar Fasciitis Program

Plantar fasciitis can be painful but did you know pain may not just be coming from the plantar fascia? This program focuses on a healthy structural balance and provides you with drills to get rid of plantar fasciitis.

Unleash The Power of Your Body On The Golf Course

Learn why having functional feet matters for your golf swing and what assessments you should perform to generate more speed and power from the ground up.

Back Pain Freedom

This was one of Barbara’s first programs. This program focuses especially on the superficial and deep myofascial (fascia & muscles) connections to keep your body balanced from the ground up to avoid back discomfort.


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